About Carol Nahra

Carol Nahra is an American professor, journalist and producer based in London. She has been immersed in the world of documentary for more than twenty years, writing for industry publications such as Real Screen and International Documentary.

As a producer Carol helped bring a number of human rights driven documentaries to fruition, including Jose Padilha’s Secrets of the Tribe, which highlighted the misbehaviour of anthropologists in the Amazon. She works as a Programme Associate for Bertha Dochouse and is a trustee for One World Media. She is also the trainer for the Grierson DocLab, providing intensive training in pitching and the documentary landscape for new entrants to the industry.

As a professor Carol is committed to training emerging filmmakers on the rich history of British nonfiction storytelling. She teaches courses on documentaries, British media, and digital journalism at several American institutions in London, including Syracuse University. She has also taught for Picturehouse Cinemas, and is a regular guest speaker on documentaries.

Carol has earned a BA in English and Psychology from the University of Michigan, an MA in Anglo American studies from Sussex University, and an MA with distinction in International Journalism from City University, London.


carolnahra (at) gmail.com


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